White woman tries to get Nigerian man fired from a company not knowing he owns the company

John Amaechi Obe, a Nigerian man has wrote to his social media page how a white woman complained about him to himself. John is a UK based consultant, former professional basketball player and also a psychologist. HahaHudson, as the woman was identified on twitter, complained about Amaechi’s work performance to the company, thinking that Mr. […]

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White woman dies after summoning an African spirit with Voodoo, despite being warned

White woman dies mysteriously after summoning an African spirit with voodoo, despite being warned (scary story) A white woman mysteriously died after ignoring social media warnings when she revealed her plans to engage in voodoo and to summon an African spirit called Papa Legba. Katelyn “Kat” Restin, a 19-year-old Virginia woman, was found dead after […]