Covid-19: Everyone in Igboland received the Federal Government cash transfer

“There’s hardly anyone in Nigeria who didn’t receive the Federal Government Palliative care in this trial COVID 19 Pandemic. All the tribes in Nigeria received the palliative, Infact it was evenly distributed. “Hearing some tribe crying of marginalization, especially the Eastern parts of Nigeria and the South South that no palliative care was given to […]


Must you snap them without clothes? – Nigerian blast Oyo government for sharing inadequate palliative (Photos)

The people of the ancient city of Ibadan are not impressed with the efforts of one of their own elected figure when it comes to giving back to the needy in this desperate period of Covid-19. Member, House of Representatives representing Ibadan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency, Hon. Abass Adigun (Agboworin) distributes food items to the needy […]


Nigerian man renounce his citizenship after he received Canadian Coronavirus palliative

A Nigerian man living in Canada has renounced his citizenship after Canadian government gave him palliative. While the Coronavirus pandemic keeps spreading, Canadian government has given $2,290 to all citizen, this prompted a Nigerian  man who also benefited from the palliative to renounce his citizenship. He revealed that all Canadian citizens have already received $2,000 […]