“This is called desperation” – Mixed reactions as two Nigerian ‘housemaids’ convert to Islam in Libya

Two Nigerian women working as housemaids in Tripoli, Libya have reportedly converted to Islam. Local media including The Libya Observer shared a photo of the Nigerian women after their convertion on Wednesday, April 14. However, the report has attracted varying comments on social media with some people expressing delight that the ladies converted to ‘true […]

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15 Nigerian cultist arrested in Italy

About 15 Nigerians said to be members of the ‘Eiye’ confraternity have been arrested in a raid dubbed “Pesha”, conducted by the Italian police on Tuesday, July 21. The Italian police which said that the Nigerian cultists had roots in Nigeria and have series of international contacts in France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and other European countries, also […]


Nigerian man Weds his Jamaican wife with only 5 people as guests (Photos)

A Nigerian man, Anthony Esho has married his Jamaican wife, Simone Isaacs, in a very intimate and beautiful wedding at the Washington D.C. War Memorial park in the U.S. The wedding was witnessed by two family members from Anthony and two family members from Simone (parent figures). Another person present was the officiating minister and the photographer. While […]


24-year-old Nigerian lady puts up her Virginity for sell to the highest bidder ranging from $50,000

Women are making gains by selling their virginity through Cinderella Escort and a Nigerian lady has now joined the bandwagon. Stacey, a 24-year-old Nigerian lady is selling her virginity, starting from 50,000 Euros, over 22 million in naira. Stacey is a Bachelor’s degree holder and says she’s selling her virginity in order to further her education. Explaining her reason for […]


Nigerian man lays curse on President Buhari after he received N400k stimulus payment in Europe (video)

Nigerian man who lives in Europe lay curses on Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari after he received stimulus from the European’s Union government. The young boy who we believe is from Edo state said Ogún (the powerful spirit of metalwork) will kill President Buhari and all the bad leader in the country. Recently the European Union […]


US based Nigerian woman speaks Igbo, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Portuguese for polygot challenge (video)

Nothing is more attractive and appealing than someone who can speak different languages. A woman, Uju Anya on Twitter has shown her multilingual talent after she participated in the Polygot challenge. US-based Uju was born to a Nigerian father while her mother is from Trinidad and Tobago. Uju who has a Ph.D in applied Linguistics […]