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‘I am from a staunch Muslim family but the bible saved me’ – Actor Ninalowo Bolanle tells a story of his success in the movie industry

The tall and well built Nollywood actor Ninalowo Bolanle has revealed how he is from a staunch Muslim background but became a Christian because when he needed help, it was the bible that saved him and not his family. In a recent interview, he made it clear that although he has been to church only […]

World News

See the astonishing reply Iman of Peace gave a Muslim brother who asked if he was a Christian for wish Christians ‘Happy Easter’

Imam of Peace answered a Muslim brother who asked if he is a Christian for wishing them a ‘Happy Easter’. Imam of Peace, took to his official Twitter handle to wish all Christians a ‘Happy Easter’ by sharing a throwback photo with a Catholic Priest. One Hujjaahh then quizzed the Imam of Peace if he is […]


“She’s for you alone not for public” – Nigerian Muslim man slams men who post photos of their wives without Hijab and Niqqab on social media

A Muslim man from Kogi State, Abu Bilal Bin Adam has slammed men who post pictures of their ‘uncovered’ wives on social media.   Taking to his Facebook on Friday, the University of Abuja graduate shared a screenshot of a quote about muslims ”living Islam”. “Has not the time come for us Muslims to wake […]