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Model who was left brain-damaged after taking a bite of peanut butter pretzel is awarded $29.5 million by jury

The family of an American model has been awarded nearly $30 million in damages by a Las Vegas jury after she ate a peanut butter-filled pretzel and suffered a massive allergic reaction that left her with brain damage and unable to speak or walk. Chantel Giacalone’s family was awarded the $29.5 million on Friday, April […]


Homeless man sleeping under bridge in Lagos wows photographer after he modeled for them when the model hired was running late (photos/Video)

A homeless man simply identified as Ali wowed a style team in Lagos on Thursday, April 1, after he was randomly picked to model an outfit as the professional model that was hired for the shoot was running late. Ali exceeded the expectations of the photographer as he posed effortlessly for the photos. One of […]