Obasanjo reveals why Nigeria shouldn’t drag Igbos into another war

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has revealed why Nigeria shouldn’t drag igbos into another war. The former president have been trending recently following his speech and lectures, especially concerning Nigeria and it’s problem now. During one of his lectures recently, he reminded the yorubas concerning the war of 1967,the civil war and he reminded them of how […]


“Igbo men don’t joke with their village mansions” – Reactions as man shares luxury photos of mansions built by Igbo’s in their villages

A Twitter user made a post recently about how Igbos do not joke with dear village mansions. This got people talking and attesting to the fact. It is said that most billionaires of the Eastern Nigeria, especially those from Anambra doesn’t fail to erect a mansion in their home community, where they extend their lavish […]


Hausa people are the real Muslims, igbos are Christians, yorubas are confused – Man writes

  A Nigerian man identified as Israel Ani has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts about different tribes and their religious affiliations. According to Israel, the Hausa people are the real Muslims in Nigeria, while the igbos are the real christians. He further said that the Yoruba’s are confused people because they tend to join any religion which suits them. In his […]

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It is Iberiberism to give 1800 crates of eggs to your community and multiple bags of rice to Jos – Igbos blast Mikel Obi

John Mikel Obi has incurred the wrath of some people who described the rationale behind his recent goodwill palliatives of 1800 crates of eggs denoted to his hometown of Anambra and that of multiple bags of rice, beans and cartoons of noodles to Jos Plateau State as “Iberiberism” (foolishness). The people asked the wisdom behind […]