Comments Policy

Welcome to NaijaPledge Comments Policy

Hello everyone! This Comments Policy has been created to inform and explain to you all (our loyal readers) how we treat commenting on our website, what steps we take to ensure it’s safe for everyone and why we do it.

First off, we need to be clear. NaijaPledge reserves the rights to display, edit and delete any comment(s) as we see fit to protect the integrity of our community without discrimination.

Just as you wouldn’t encourage bad behavior in your home or workplace, we do not also allow it here.

We Encourage Discussions and Responsible Debates

We encourage you all to comment on news of your interest, have engaging discussions and also debate on issues of mutual interest in a responsible manner.
We understand everyone has his/her views on social, political, national issues of general interest.
Hence, disagreeing openly with others is a rich feature of our Interactive community and every single person have the right to comment and all voices are heard regardless of race, social status and location and are equal members of the NaijaPledge community.

The above been said, however…

Comments Full Of Abuse, Hate Speech and Foul Language Will Be Edited or Promptly Deleted

We will delete any comment if the intention was to attack, abuse, diminish, harm or cause upset to an individual or people or the intention was to troll or hijack the conversation.

Disagreeing with anyone is positively encouraged but attacking a person with abusive words or hate speech will NOT be tolerated.
Words such as “f**k you“, “bastard“, “idiot“, “stupid“, “you’re mad” and several others like that will be deleted from the comments.

Please be polite, courteous and stick to the topic. Not a lot to ask right? We break the on-topic rule on occasion but politeness really can’t be stressed enough.

What would be considered Spam

Excessive commenting of particular words by a person on several articles will be considered as Spam.
Inserting promotional links into the comments for the purposes of marketing or creating backlinks to a web page will be regarded as Spam and such comments will NOT be approved and/or promptly deleted.
The name field is for your name, not the headline of your latest post or for SEO-boosting anchor text. Nicknames are also fine too.

NaijaPledge uses moderation along with Akismet to reduce spam, it is a brilliant system. However, it seems some comments will/have been mistaken as spam for some reason. We’re not sure what algorithm they use and why but comments with links in are always marked as suspicious.

And last but not the least…

NaijaPledge Is Not Responsible For Any Comments Posted By Members of Our Community

We do not endorse or publicly back any comments made by our esteemed readers on news articles we post on our website.
The opinions, views and comments of everyone who makes use of commenting is entirely theirs and is NOT in any way endorsed by NaijaPledge.