Meet Dr. Osato Osemwengie, Nigeria most educated person with 3 PhD’s, 6 Masters and a Robotic engineer par excellence

One of the most prolific aspect about Nigerian’s that I cherish so much is the fact that, if a Nigerian has made up his or her mind for success, the sky is their stepping stone. Because they will stop at nothing until they achieve their aim.

Over the years Nigerian’s keep making great impact in career and as earned a lot of recognition as one of the most sought after country with well educated people.

Dr. Osato Osemwengie, is an accomplished U.S-based Nigerian drone expert. Osemwengie is the founder of the Open Robotics University; a tuition free engineering degree-granting university that allows people to further exercise their talents and expand their knowledge into all fields related to engineering.

Nigerian Inventor, Dr. Osato Osemwengie is one of the world’s most educated people and an integral member of the American armed forces, constructing drones for the United States Army. These drones are used for surveillance to gather critical information, as well as take out terrorist camps.

According to reports, He has a Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Cincinnati.

MBA from Ohio State University.

Master’s Degree in Information Systems at the Keller Graduate School of Management .

Master’s Degree in software engineering at Regis University.

Masters programme and a PhD, also at University of Texas at Dallas.

He has worked with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and has succeeded in sending drones to different planets like ; Mars and Jupiter inclusive.

Nigerians are the third most educated immigrants by college degree in the United States, behind the Chinese and Indians.

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