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With his new found connection with the Recording Academy, can Laycon set his hands on the Grammy?

Laycon and the Recording Academy recently, has been in a good flow after he performed “All Over Me” at the recording academy show tagged “Press Play At Home”. Making his fans on Nigeria Twitter space see a possiblity of the rapper winning a Grammy.

Laycon, with no doubt is one of the fastest rising versatile artist from Nigeria. Though regarded as a rapper, Laycon in his debut album, Shall We Begin proved he can a very good rapper and the same time a melodious singer.

Laycon Shall We Begin
Laycon’s “Shall We Begin” album artwork

Withstanding the pressure from Nigerian music industry, Laycon who came to limelight through a Reality TV show has proven he has all it takes to stay relevant in an industry where an artist can be easily forgotten if they mistakenly stand on themselves.

Knowing only two Nigerian Afro singers, Wizkid and Burna Boy have been able to clinged the most prestigious music award, Laycon could be on the same part with his new found connection with the Academy.

The Academy has posted and kept on sharing links from his performance which has made Nigerian music lovers believes if he steps up his game, he could bring home the Grammy sooner than expected. His fans, “Icons” created a Twitter pool with 4 American top artists, aiming at who Laycon would collabo with to ease his Grammy win. A poll Kendrick Lamar was leading.

Though not every Nigerian music lover agreed on same thing, some believed the Recording Academy was just doing business and what’s best for it, stating that it has no connection with the possibilities of Laycon winning a Grammy.

A Grammy win for Laycon could be celebrated like a World Cup win for Nigeria. Can Laycon?

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