They seduced me into sleeping with them – Man who impregnated twin sisters confesses

The internet is awash, following a report of a man that slept with and impregnated the twin daughters of his fiancée in Lafia, Nasarawa state.

The man identified as Augustine Angwe, was dating the mother of the twin girls named Philomena and Patricia and he and the fiancée had concluded plans on marrying, following the death of her husband.

In an interview with The Nation, Augustine said that he and the mother of the girls named Alice Ukange, have been dating since 2017.

According to him, he had no plans of sleeping or impregnating her twin daughters until they seduced and lured him into the act.

Augustine, told The Nation that the girls enjoyed the first time they had fun, and after that day, it turned into a regular thing till they became pregnant.

Going further, he said that he told the girls to abort the pregnancies but they refused, saying that their father warned them against committing abortion

Speaking in the chat about the mother of the girls and his fiancée, Augustine admitted that he has wronged her, and asked for her forgiveness.

Augustine also said that he has accepted the responsibility of taking care of the twin sisters and their babies, so as not to ruin their lives.

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