The way Igbo guys support and carry each other along, is something I admire and envy – Yoruba man confesses

A popular Yoruba online Influencer by name, Yojora, said that he admires the way young Igbo guys support each other.

Yojora saith that though many young people from Igbo extraction are fond of showing off, there is one beautiful thing about them that he loves and admires.

He said that young Igbo guys are always supporting each other and carrying each other along.

According to the Yoruba influencer, this is one thing about Igbo people that he admires and envies.

“I know a lot of Igbo people show off and all, but I also see them support each other too.. The way young igbo guys support and carry each other along is something I really admire and envy“, Yojora said.

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