The Ark: We are building the biggest building in the world – David Oyedepo (Photos)

Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed that his church is going to be the biggest building in the world, The Ark, according to the Bishop during the church service revealed that many engineers around the world are now interested in the building.

He made it known that the church building which is called Ark has the longest span in the world with about 318 meters.

He said the other buildings that have such a long span are about 200-250 but his church is setting the record, not because they are in competition with anybody or any organization but the fact that they are obeying God’s commandment.

He made it known that currently a lot of contractors are now meeting them to learn from them and also partner with them, maybe they can help them with the sound systems. He said whatever they have achieved so far is a result of obeying God and doing his wish.

Winners Chapel The ArkWinners Chapel The Ark

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