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Suspicious: All 3 African Presidents who refused the hype of Covid-19 are dead

It’s odd all 3 African Presidents who refused the hype of Covid-19 are dead. Burundi, Haiti and Tanzania’s presidents were against the hype of COVID-19 and now are dead.

When Covid-19 arrives in the world, many people started to be in disbelief that it does exist and others believed it, unfortunately some president choose not to believe it and didn’t do anything or place any measure to control the virus.

These three nations said no to the COVID-19 vaccine from the World Health Organization (WHO) and their presidents are now all dead. Not saying it is related but a heck of a coincidence.

Burundi’s President died of a heart attack (suspected to have actually been Covid) 8 months before they rejected the vaccine. The Tanzanian President had Covid and died of it (also having underlying health issues).

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse killed in an attack at his home, and so far they don’t know what is the motive behind him being killed.

All of these three presidents rejected Covid-19 existence and all of them are gone now. May their soul continues to rest in peace.

Haiti president was Jovenel Moïse

Tanzania president was John Magofuli

Burundi president was Pierre Buyoya

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