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Nigerians drag Davido for promoting a scam coin called RapDoge

Angry Nigerians are dragging singer Davido for promoting a new coin called RapDoge, stating that it’s a scam coin and would lead many into losses.

Davido took to his social media pages, advising his followers to buy the RapDoge coin for around $20, $100 and $1,000. Saying they should hold it and make more money later.


Nigerian Crypto enthusiast, Chris Ani reacting to the post, called out Davido for deceiving his followers by advising them to buy a scam coin. Saying it’s a Ponzi shit.

Other Nigerians also tackled the singer, some also reminisced how he advised his followers to invest in a Ponzi scheme called “Racsterlli” which ran away with their money and made them lose money.

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