Members ask pastor to refund their tithes after he bought a brand new Range Rover Sport

A pastor has been left in shock after members of his church request he refund their tithes just after he acquired a new car.

Alighting from a recently acquired white Range Rover car, a preacher was in for the shock of his life, as depicted in the clip. The enraged church members brawled with the pastor in the viral video, with others gripping him by the shirt and many others holding his trousers. The video, in which members demand that their tithes be reimbursed, has elicited mixed reactions.

The purchase of a new car by a pastor did not appear to be well received by his congregation. Members of the church expressed their displeasure in a video that has gone viral.

The enraged churchgoers chased after their pastor and grabbed him by the shirt as soon as he got out of his white Range Rover car. Many were shouting at him, while others were shouting all sorts of ill words at him. Meanwhile, the pastor tried looking into the situation and addressing the congregation, but it all fell on deaf ears.

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