Man narrates how female banker seized his wallet for not identifying he had condoms in it

A man has taken to his Facebook page to narrate how a female banker seized his wallet for refusing to identify he had a condom in it.

The man who thought he has initially misplaced his wallet, just decided to go back to the bank where he left. On getting there, he explained to the female banker at the customer care point about his missing wallet. She requested he tell her the content of wallet, which he did without mentioning he had condoms in it.

The banker refused to give him the wallet despite quoting the exact amount in it. Insisting he mention the other thing in the wallet.

He later identified he had 3 condoms in the wallet but whispered it in the ears of the banker out of shyness. He caused a scene after yelling at the banker, asking her if she knows how to use a condom.

Read his story below;

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