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It’s not easy to avoid sleeping with men – Blessing CEO says, give reasons (Video)

Blessing CEO has shared a new video on her page explaining why it’s hard for women to avoid sleeping with men. Blessing CEO stated that sleeping with a man is something she can’t really stay away from because it is fun.

The Relationship Therapist said that she knows that sleeping with a man who is not your husband is a sin, and she knows it can lead her to hell, but she can’t resist it. Blessing CEO also stated that intimacy humbles a woman irrespective of the position she holds. According to her, there are a lot of woman who claim to be feminists, and independent women, but they can’t stay away from men.

The therapist also said that; although intimacy is supposed to be between husbands and wife, but there are a lot of ladies out there looking for husbands without getting any for themselves. She also said that the excitement gotten from intimacy is something that makes women happy, so even if they are not married, they find someone to be intimate with. Blessing CEO didn’t exempt herself as she said she is also guilty of it.

Watch video below;


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