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Himba; The African tribe that offers s*x to their visitors and bath without water (Video)

Himba Tribe, an African tribe located in North Namibia, in a region called Kunene and on the side of Kunene River in the Southern part of Angola.

A recent visit by one of Africa biggest YouTuber, Wode Maya, in his discography showed the lifestyle and tradition of the Himba Tribe. They have an estimated population of 50,000 people.

Himba people are dependent on animals (goats, cattles, cow etc) to live their daily lives. Nothing from this animals goes out as waste. They use their skins for clothing and seats, eat the meat and drink their milks. The dunks from cows are used to build and roof their houses.

For bathing, Himba people don’t need water or soap. They use a mild stone called ‘Ochre‘. Ochre is a native stone with crimson color and possesses hydrated iron oxide. The stone is grinded into powdered form. To bath, they rub this grinded stone on their bodies, making their skin look reddish.

They don’t use ingredients to prepare their food, they just boil the meat for as long as 3 hours, believing ingredients such as salt and pepper could make them sick.

Himba people offers their wives to their visitors for sexual pleasures as a part of hospitality. They practice polygamous marriage.

Watch video below;

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