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“Essence by Wizkid is” – Americans tear Quavo apart for tagging “straightenin” song of the summer

Americans has taken it all out on rapper Quavo, after he mentioned Straightenin as the song of the summer, stating it clear that Wizkid’s, Essence ft Tems is the song of the summer.

Quavo, one of the trio from Migos tweeted about their song, Straightenin from the recently released album, Culture III being the song of the summer. The post caught the attention of Instagram blog, The Shade Room who immediately took a screenshot of the tweet and uploaded on their Instagram handle.


On seeing the post, Americans have it a red flag with a good number of them writing it out that Wizkid’s Essence is the song of the summer and Straightenin doesn’t come close.

Essence was released alongside 13 other songs in October by Wizkid, in his fourth studio album called Made In Lagos. 8 months later, Essence has proven to be, not just a summer classic, but an evergreen music.

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