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American rapper, Dej Loaf publicly pledges as a Wizkid fan

Wizkid is continually becoming one of the most talked about musician globally, and American rapper, Dej Loaf as stood out as one the people putting the ‘Wizkid’ topic on every mouth.

Big Wiz ( has he now term himself) album dropped in October 2020 but has kept growing on listeners since it’s release date till God knows when. Maybe forever.

Increasing his fan base, with both local and international artists inclusive, Dej Loaf just like Saweetie has publicly pledge to be a Wizkid fan (Wizkid FC) though not using the “I’m a fan” words.

Dej Loaf a Wizkid fan

Dej has repeatedly done things every Wizkid fan does, like talking about Wizkid’s album under every tweet she chooses to react to and sometimes shares link of the album. She sometimes interact with Wizkid’s fans by reacting to their tweets and maybe replying.

Just like Saweetie, Dej Loaf has shown she loves Wizkid album regardless of the top albums dropped A-list artists in her home country. Wizkid recently announced his your dates in America with a tweet, super excited Dej commented under the tweet with two fire emojis, showing she’s ready and would be attending the shows.

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