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Alex Ekubo list 3 types of money in the world after attending Obi Cubana mother’s funeral

Alex Ekubo, a Nigerian actor who is now in Oba Anambra state for Obi Cubana’s mother’s funeral, has gone to social media to identify the three types of money in the world.

Obi Cubana’s mother died in December 2020, and he put her to rest on July 16th in Oba, Anambra state.

Affluent Nigerians, including celebrities, attended the occasion. The event’s celebrity guests included a 35-year-old Abia-born script interpreter who turned to Instagram to describe the three sorts of money in the world.

Cubana’s mother, according to the actress, would receive the Ghost of the Year award in heaven because of her elaborate funeral ritual.

“I learned an important lesson yesterday,’ he commented beside the video. In our world, there are three types of money. There is money from Nigeria, Igbo money exists, There is also ANAMBRA MONEY.”

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