Abdulsamad Rabiu is building refinery in Akwa Ibom while Obi Cubana is spraying money in Oba – Joe Igbokwe

Mr Joe Igbokwe has taken to one of his micro blogging pages to advice Obi Cubana and all Igbos to rather invest their money just the way Mr Abdulsamad Rabiu is doing. So that tomorrow, they will not blame anyone for their poverty.

Mr Obi Cubana, buried his mother in Oba Anambra state, Nigeria on Friday, and the ceremony attracted people from different parts of the country. As celebrities could be seen spraying money, including Obi Cubana himself.

It is on record now, that the buried attracted gifts items like, cattles, rams, cash donations ,running in hundreds of millions of naira. People say, Obi Cubana is a good man , who loves giving others money and help, that is why today, he is receiving the same thing from his friends all over the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Igbokwe has called the attention of Obi Cubana to invest his money, so that he will continue to help people even in his old age.

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