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What Wizkid and Burna Boy’s Grammy win means to Davido

Wizkid and Burna Boy has become one of the most hyped Afrobeat artist in history has they both become the first ever Nigerian singers to have clinged the most prestigious music awards in history.

Wizkid who recently received his Grammy plague got his first Grammy win as a lead artist for featuring alongside Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter for Brown Skin Girl music video, having failed to cling the award after his nomination.

Burna on the other hand clinged the award after loosing out to fellow African, Angelique Kidjo on his first nomination. His album, “Twice As Tall” gave the Port Harcourt born singer his first award as he continued to stay put on his sound that reflects consciousness.

At the stance, Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy are the three leading artists in Nigeria. With the trio having the biggest competition and fan base between.

Competing about who has the biggest or more prestigious awards or who sold out bigger venue in their shows or yours are common arguments that purges out amongst their fan bases.

With all three artists now proven they can sell out big capacities, Burna Boy and Wizkid has now gotten an edge over Davido after they both got hold of the biggest music award.

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Davido who once said he’s not after winning the Grammy award as he feels alright with the other award he is winning would likely have a change in thought after his counterpart win the award. Putting up his game and improving his sound would likely be one of the easiest things on the singer’s mind.

Though his latest album, A Good Time had a warm reception, the sounds are failing to make waves as anticipated as regards to the features made on there. Sound evolving, stronger lyrics, improved ryhmes are some of the easiest things that would put the singer back in levels with the other duo.

Notwithstanding, the singer’s sounds have no negatives, but building sounds that would melodiously beat the Nigerian market should be a major target.

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