Two Syrian children surrenders after seeing a camera, thinking it was a weapon

A viral photo of two Syrian children surrendering after mistaking a camera for a weapon has broken the heart of many.

Born into war in Syria, weapons, riffles etc are what kids growing up in the country are used to seeing, while sounds from grenades and gunshots are their regular sounds.

On a tour in Syria, a lifestyle YouTuber and photographer saw a kid walking through a building brought down by grenade and immediately brought out his camera to take photos of him. On seeing the camera, the kid got struck with fear and he immediately raised his hands up in surrender, signifying that he has nothing on him and shouldn’t be killed.

Seeing another kid walking down, the photographer tried to approach him with his camera and again, the same thing happened.

The photos of these children was shared online leaving everyone in heartbreak and all emphasizing, they don’t deserve to grow under such condition and with such mentality.

Religious related war has been a serious threat to livelihood for years.

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