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Their God changes the path of our missiles in mid air – Palestine soldier reveals shocking details about Israel

A Palestinian soldier explained why he and his colleagues failed to meet the majority of their Israeli-Palestinian fighting objectives. When they shot their rocket at Israel, the soldier said they noticed that the God of Israel modified the trajectory of the rocket.

The fighter went on to say, “Their God modifies the mid-air missile course.” That is nothing short of miraculous. The newspaper below is only one example of many that have occurred in the past. This article demonstrated why Israel appears to be unstoppable.

This appeared strange at first, but it’s similar to one of God’s miraculous ways of sparing Israel’s nation throughout previous wars. There were times when their opponents mistook them for angels fighting for the Israelites, dressed in white robes.

The Israelites, on the other hand, have put an end to the current warfare that has killed so many lives. Mr. Natanyahu, their prime minister, announced a truce yesterday to minimize further loss of life and property in the conflict between the two countries. Following the announcement, Palestinians have seen rejoicing and thanking God for bringing an end to the war that had nearly claimed their lives, property, and land.

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