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‘N**gas Can Be Gay Too’! – YVES

There’s a new R&B sing that’s going viral on social media, and if it keeps growing in popularity – will likely end up on the Billboard’s Top R&B charts next week.

The song is entitled “N**gas Can Be Gay Too” and it’s written and created by an R&B singer named YVES. The song talks about a gay African American man searching for love in the hood.

Here’s a snippet of the song:

The song has gone viral on both Twitter and Youtube – and it’s being streamed millions of times. Given its popularity online, it’s all but certain to break into the Billboard charts, when streaming numbers are compiled over the weekend.

The song definitely has a catchy hook – and an interesting premise. Many people are praising the song, calling it a “bop.”

But others are upset with the song – and it’s popularity. Here are some of the more critical comments about the song on Twitter.

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