New king of Zulu can take away my virginity – Lasizwe

For sometime now, Lasizwe has taken to his social media to reveal he is still a virgin and he is waiting for the right man to take it from him.

Well, it looks like the star has seen the man who will take away his virginity.

Taking to Twitter, Lasizwe revealed that the new Zulu King can definitely take away his virginity.

Prince Misizulu, 46, was named in the will of Zulu Queen Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu – his mother – who died unexpectedly last week.

Lasizwe on the other hand has a big crush on him and he is ready to make plans on how to carry his babies.

“The new Zulu King can definitely take my virginity… Literally I would make a plan on how I would carry his babies! No ways!!! I have the biggest crush on him! He’s such a handsome man with PRESENCES AF! Bayede wena weNdlovu!,” he wrote.

The comedian continued saying maybe the virginity was a bit of a scratch but the fact the new Zulu King is handsome, he is ready to do what it takes to have him.

Lasizwe said: “Maybe the virginity part was a bit of a stretch BUT STILL!! The Zulu King is so HANDSOME OMFG!! I literally have the BIGGEST crush on him! Wow sir uMuhle My King”

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