Man asks 3 year old son to help murder his mom on Facebook live!! (Video)

A man from Mobile Alabama has gone viral wrongly and is facing possible kidnapping and assault charges, after a video leaked, showing him verbally abusing his girlfriend and tried to convince the woman’s 3 year old son to MURDER HIS MOM on Facebook Live.

The extremely disturbing video has been making its way across social media.

In the video, posted below, the abusive man can be heard berating his girlfriend in front of their two toddler children. The man accuses the woman of sleeping with her friends, and “calling the law” on him for no reason.

Then he tries to get the couple’s toddler son, to help murder his own mom. He asks the toddler son to put a plastic bag over his mothers head and explains that he plans to duct tape the bag to her head causing her to asphyxiate.

The woman in the video is badly injured her face is bruised up and she has difficulty breathing.

At one point, the man orders his girlfriend to stand up and her leg is clearly injured. The man claimed that she was recently shot in the leg.

Video below;

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