Lady shares how she stopped a group of secondary school boys from raping a girl

A lady has taken to social media to narrate how she stopped a group of secondary school boys from raping a girl.

She also shared how the boys inturn tried to harass her and threatened to beat her up. She confirmed to have reported the case to the school and follow it up with a police case if nothing is done.

Read her story below;

Yesterday, I stopped a gang of secondary school boys , about 6-10 of them, from raping a girl who is also their school mate.

These boys threW stones at me and threatened to beat me up. Followed the bike I got on with the girl and almost dragged me off of it.

I took her to her school and reported to the principal after which I took her home to her grandmother.

The principal has said he will address the issue on Monday and I hope whatever his plan is involves expulsion of those boys.

I will follow up on Monday to know how it goes

And if nothing is done, I will involve the police.

But she’s safe. I told her not to leave the house at all over the weekend and to move with a bunch of other girls on Monday morning to school.

I just thank God we both came out of the situation safely.

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