Slay queen caught stealing cake in her friend’s birthday party

A lady has left everyone including her best friend in shock after she was caught on video stealing her own friend’s birthday cake and drinks when she was invited to a birthday party.

The story and video was shared on Twitter by one Twitter user known as Givens Ibekwe who said that she thought the girl was her friend until she came to her birthday party and stole her expensive cake.

Givens Ibekwe said that her friend known as Alleberry denied taking the cake when she was confronted, however, the video footage from a CCTV showed her carrying the 10 inch cake.

The lady known as Alleberry had gone with a friend to Givens Ibekwe’s apartment and had carried some drinks that were gifted her on her special day.

They later came back and carried the cake. Unknown to them that their actions were being caught on video.

Givens Ibekwe said that she was shocked by the actions of the lady who she thought was her friend, because she had actually made sure that all her friends were well fed.

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