OAU Muslim group housed female students and force them to marry Alfas – Lady reveals

A lady on Twitter has revealed that one Obafemi Awolowo University, Muslim Group got shutdown after it was found out that the group was forcing its female members to marry Alfas.

The Muslim Students groups such as the MSS are organizations that are founded for Muslim students in school. Like Christians student groups which are also established for Christian students in the Universities.

Most Muslim students when they go to school immediately look for one Muslim group or another to join because they want to be able to pray with their fellow Muslims in the school.

However, one lady who shared her first hand experience as an OAU student, has shown that it is not all prayers and fellowshipping that are done in some of these religious groups on campus.

This according to her is because one Muslim group in OAU was shutdown after it was discovered that the group had been housing young female students and forcing them to marry their Alfas, or group leaders.

She said “Reminds me of those OAU muslim groups. They had to close down one of their cells in faj, housing girls and making them get married to Alfas.”

The lady made the revelation after one Muslim lady warned Muslim girls who are yet to go to the university to avoid joining any Muslim society on campus since it has dire consequences.

The Muslim lady whose name is Aisha Mustapha said “If you’re a Muslim lady yet to enter uni, whatever you do, don’t join MSS. It’s one of those groups that you never understand the consequences until you’re fully in.”

Reacting to the story, a lot of other students have shared similar stories of how they lost their female friends and classmates after they joined one Muslim group or another.

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