My son was killed inside Bauchi Mosque after Pantami accused him of blasphemy – Professor

Of recent, the Nigeria’s minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Doctor Isa Pantami has been called to resign from his position by Nigerians, after some comments he made years ago concerning Islam and other religions resurfaced.

In the news that was published by the Sahara Reporters this morning, it has been alleged that a professor from Kaduna State, Professor Samuel Achi has narrated how Doctor Isa Pantami’s comment led to the murder of his son in 2004 inside the mosque where Pantami was a Chief Imam as at that time.

According to the information that was given, it was alleged that the deceased, whose name was given as Sunday Achi was in his final year in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Univeristy in Bauchi State, as he was also the president of the ECWA Students Ministry in the campus.

It was said that as that time, Doctor Isa Pantami was the Chief Imam of the said mosque and that, there was a time his deceased son distributed a tract to students on campus and when Pantami saw the Christian tract and accused his son of speaking blasphemy against Mohammed.

According to Niche Online, it was made known that on the 9th of December, 2004, Sunday was dragged out of class by Muslim fundamentals following Pantami’s instruction and he was taken to a remote area in the campus where he was stoned to death, but, Professor Achi disputed this, as he revealed it that his son was not stoned to death but was taken inside the mosque where Pantami held court and he was strangled to death and thereafter, they threw his dead body out of the mosque.

Professor Achi said that media lied that his son was stoned to death and that, one thing he knows is that, his son never distributed any tract that spoke against Islam or Mohammed.

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