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My father owns 3 estate, what does your father have? – Man tells Erica’s fan who trolled his dad

A Twitter user named Emeka has taken a swipe at a lady who is a fan of Big Brother Naija star, Erica, who trolled him and called his father poor and wretched.

Most people believe that Erica’s fans are some of the most vile and arrogant fans online because of the manner in which they talk to other people on social media.

It is widely believed that Erica’s fans take after their favourite star who according to them is also bitter, because of the way she behaved at the just concluded Big Brother Naija Television reality show.

In the incident which took place on Twitter, a man was attacked by an Erica fan after he himself had criticised Erica for allegedly asking for a house in Abuja from her fans.

According to the man whose name is Emeka on Twitter, Erica was using the April fool’s day prank as a cover for begging her fans to buy her a house in Abuja.

In response, one of Erica’s fans who is known on Twitter as Peculiar Vera told the man that even though his miserable parents beg for anything, nobody will answer them because they are unknown and unpopular.

She further added that Erica who is her favourite was using style to beg for houses in Abuja because she knows that she has fans who can give her the houses.

Replying to the lady’s attack on his parents, the young man told the lady that his father has three estates and also has streets named after him. He asked the lady what her own father has.

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