Lady sells her father’s land to send her boyfriend abroad, he returns and repay her with this

A beautiful facebook lady took to her facebook wall to blast a boyfriend who dumped her after she sponsored his trip to Turkey.

According to the heart-broken lady, she illegally sold her father’s only plot of land to sponsor her boyfriend’s trip to turkey; but when he returned, he splashed water on her and called her names when she came to take her rightful place in his life as a wife. The guy also offered to pay her off with 5 million naira but she rejected it.

The lady wrote,”I can’t believe my boyfriend whom I sold my Late father’s only plot of land to sponsor his trip to turkey,came back last week only to splash water on me and called me mugu then later called and offer me 5 miilion naira to pay me off. Emeka God will punish you.The spirit of my late father will hunt you down”

The lady advised ladies to run away from any man named Emeka, I guess her last post explains it all–why she hated the so called Emeka.

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