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“I can never live in a country where everyone is judgmental, phony and extremely hypocritical” – International model, Ify Jones says she won’t raise her kids in Nigeria

Nigerian international model, Ify Yolanda Jones has said that everyone in Nigeria is closed minded, fake, judgmental, extremely hypocritical and she will be damed if she exposes her future children to that kind of mentality.

The New York and LA-based model, who stated this on Friday, April 23, said she won’t even let her children smell Nigeria talk more of raising them there.

“People are definitely never themselves in this country. I can never live in a country where everyone is so closed minded, first of all judgmental, phony and extremely hypocritical,” she said.

“I ‘d be damned to expose my kids to this Nigerian mentality. Hell, they won’t even smell this country” she added.

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