Female soldier caught her husband cheating as she attempt to surprise him with her arrival (Video)

A video surfaced on the internet showing the moment a certain female Soldier returned back from duty and deemed it fitting and romantic to surprise her husband with her presence after being away for quite some time.

She arranged with some of her friends to help her staged this surprise. This friends of her, met her husband at a mall where he went to shop and offered to help him carry his groceries to his booth while he was making call. As he turned away from his vehicle, they sneaked his wife into the booth and shut it.

When the husband drove off, the wife’s friend tailed him in a bid to capture the moment of reunion on camera.

They were quite puzzled when they saw the husband driving into a different house which wasn’t his. They maintained their distance and kept on videoing. In no time, the husband came out of his car and a strange lady welcomed him with hugs and kisses.

Then they walk together to the booth of the car to retrieve the groceries, unknown to the husband that his wife was there. As they opened the booth and was getting the groceries out, to the Husband’s surprise, his wife stepped out and caught him red handed in the arm of another woman.

What would have been a romantic reunion for the couple turned out to be a sour moment as the wife walked away and left him there.

The other woman too got angry at the man because apparently, he never told her he was married.

Watch video below;

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