Brinda Spincer beaten for being too pretty (Photos)

A beautiful IG model with close to a million followers across social media platforms, Brinda Spincer was badly beaten for being too pretty.

Brinda Spincer, told fans all about her harrowing experience – where she says she was “jumped” by four women, whom she describes as “big.”

Brinda claims that 4 “fat” women attacked her, after they accused the IG beauty of doing something inappropriate with one of the girls’ boyfriend. Brinda claims that she doesn’t even know the man whom they accuse her of being inappropriate with.

Brinda claims however that the “fat” women beat her up because she’s pretty and they were just jealous of her beauty.

And apparently the beating was serious. The girls broke Brinda’s hand, and ripped out her baby hair. Doctors had to staple her head back together, and plan on operating – to put screws in her broken arm.

Here’s pictures of what they did to her:

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