Atlanta Man BEATS His Girlfriend On Live; She Fights Back & WINS!!! (Video)

An Atlanta man is going viral this morning, after he attempted to beat his girlfriend while Livestreaming, and she turned the tables on him.

We learnt that the Atlanta man went on social media – and bragged that he planned on “fighting” his girlfriend. The man asked his friends and followers to join the Live, and allegedly told them that he planned on “giving them a show.”

Well he gave them a show alright.

In the video, the man can be seen charging towards his girlfriend and punching her repeatedly, using all his strength. The man didn’t seem to be holding back either – even though he was hitting a woman.

But his girlfriend didn’t just sit there and take the abuse – she fought back.

The woman managed to survive the initial blows, and then she pounced on the Atlanta man – when there was a pause in his attack.

She grabbed him by his dreads, and dragged him down. While down, the domestic violence survivor repeatedly punched her attacker in the head and the body. And the woman’s blows were devastating.

After a few punches, the Atlanta man can be heard crying and begging for mercy.

NaijaPledge Virals confirmed that at least 2 of the Livestreamers called the police and reported the domestic incident. MTO News reached out to the Atlanta police for comment – so far we have not received a response.


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