After a CEO discovered 98% of his staff has never flown a plane, he did this

A popular Millionaire business man, Mr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah has Shared what transpired in one of his branches after he discovered that larger percentage of his staff has not flown an Airplane before.

According to the post and video he shared on his official Facebook Page, He narrated that after a mentoring section in the Port Harcourt branch of his company, he asked his staffs how many of them had been in an Airplane before, of which 98% gave a negative answer.

There and then he asked the senior management for the best 6 staffs and he promised to sponsor their Flight to either Ghana or Kenya.

This gesture according to the video propelled the staffs to sing some Christian songs to celebrate what he did. As the song died down he announced that he has upgraded their trip to Dubai of which loud shouts of Joy erupted in the Office.

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