Widows calls out pastor who tried to matchmake her to another man (Video)

A video is currently going viral and it showed the moment a pastor asked a man to pick his next wife among the women who attended the program, the man walked round the church and picked a widow who lost her husband 5 months ago and she wasn’t happy about this.

In the video, Pastor Emeka stood an elderly man up and asked him about his marital life. This man made it clear that he lost his wife and since then, he has been alone and he would need another one.

“Ok, papa said his wife died and since then, he has been alone and he would need another one,” Pastor Emeka told the congregation.

“Go around sir, go around and choose anyone you want,” Pastor Emeka told the elderly man.

This elderly man walked round the church and headed directly to a widow who just lost her husband few months back. He told the pastor that she is the one he choose but the widow, who was already frowning at the pastor and the elderly man was clearly angry. The attention of the whole church was now focused on the woman, who was already surrounded with ushers, the pastor and the elderly man.

The angry widow did a hand sign that means “God Forbid” while the pastor and the ushers watched her. She used her hands to cross her head (which means God forbid) while wearing a disgusted look on her face. One of the ushers gave her a microphone and the pastor continued and asked “but your husband isn’t alive again? Is your husband alive?”, the woman replied and said that yes, her husband died 5 months ago.

The pastor now faced the elderly man and said that he should see him after the service.

“See me later sir, you are blessed,” Pastor Emeka told the man and walked away.

Watch video below;

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