Alex Unusual and Prince Nelson
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Watch the moment Reality star, Alex Unusual forced Prince to go back and like her picture He passed on Instagram (Video)

BBNaija reality star Alex Unusual recently subjected fellow star Prince, into liking and commenting on her Instagram pic under duress.

The moment happened when the pair were together having a good time and a photo of Alex Unusual which she just posted mins ago, popped up on Prince’s IG feed.

However, Prince just skipped the pic and that was the moment when Alex Unusual caught him “red-handed”.

Alex Unusual and Prince Nelson

According to her, Prince had committed abomination by that act. Alex captioned the video she uploaded with:

He did it under duress 🤣 but I don’t care”

Alex could be heard in the video shouting to Prince Nelson, saying:

“Come on, like that picture joor! Will you like it? See this human being. Come on, like that picture and comment! And say something nice…”

Watch the hilarious video below:

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