UPDATE: Kidnappers who hijacked bus containing Ken Poly students request N2million ransom for each student while the Rivers State Police are demanding N300k to hack the phone numbers of the kidnappers

Kidnappers who hijacked a bus filled with students from Ken Poly are reported to be contacting the families of each student demanding they pay a ransom of N2million before their children/wards would be released.

The families in turn contacted the Nigerian police to inform them about the situation of their wards who are in custody of kidnappers. The Rivers State Police asks the parents/guidances of the students to pay N300k, saying the money would be used to hack the Sim and phone number the kidnappers are using to contact them.

Ken Poly students kidnapped
Mary, one of the Ken Poly students kidnapped

The families of the students held captive are calling on the government and appropriate authorities to come to their aid as they don’t have the amount in demand by the kidnapped

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