Shocking! Woman caught breastfeeding a snake

A Zimbabwean woman has been caught breastfeeding a gaint phyton.

The woman identified as Gogo Nenohwe was seen by her friend who went to visit her at her house and was left in shock as she could not believe what she saw with her eyes.

She said;

“I saw Gogo Nenohwe breastfeeding a very big snake which had a red cloth and beads tied around it. After breastfeeding it, she took out a plate of food and fed the snake. I did not see what food she was feeding it, but I heard her muttering names of fellow villagers and telling the snake to deal with them.”

The woman has been accused and charged to court for witchcraft as the key witness narrated the incident in court on the 13th of March 2021 because while she was feeding the gaint snake, she was calling out names of some villagers who she wanted to be dealt with by the snake.

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