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“See David and Goliath” — Nigerians mock Helen Paul as she takes photo with a guy Taller than her!! (Photos)

Popular comedienne, Helen Paul recently took to her social media page to share an awkward photo of her posing with a very ‘Tall’ guy.

The guy was so tall that Helen Paul had to stand on a wall to take the picture with him!

While sharing the photo on Instagram, she captioned the post: ‘This guy is proud and rude.’

The post has gathered massive reactions from celebrities as well as fans and followers of the comedienne as many people reacted to her diminutive stature.


Others also described the photo as the moment “David stood beside Goliath in the bible”.

Helen Paul is a comedian, singer and actress who graduated from the University of L. She is also a stand-up comedian, known as Tatafo, characterized by a voice that makes her sound like a little child.

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