Popular indaboski pastor, Odumeje destroys a witch doctor’s shrine (Video)

Prophet Odumeje in a viral video has seen destroying several fetish materials in the shrine of a witch doctor. Some of the materials he destroyed were molded deities, old bizarre-looking pots, and mirrors

He also took out several other strange objects which he made preparations to set ablaze. The shrine itself was not spared, Prophet Odumeje destroyed the building structure to the best of his ability.

He did all this while hailing himself in his usual manner as the Indabosky Pahose, the war, and the fight to the kingdom of darkness. Some villagers and followers stood by and watched

“We are here to wipe away the foundation of Satan and that is why we are here,” prophet Odumeje said after confirming the name of the village as Ojobi village. It seemed as though pastor Odumeje was invited by the villager to help them destroy the shrine.

While prophet Odumeje was moving around destroying the shrine, there was a strange thing hung behind the shrine that caught his attention, he even called his cameraman to capture it clearly

A closed look revealed that it was a fetish object with two padlocks attached to it. Pastor Odumeje who seemed to know what the strange object was proceeded to explain it to the onlookers.

According to Pastor Odumeje, the strange object was a charm used to tie down the destiny of a person

This incident has generated mixed reactions online. Some concerned people who have reacted to this video have expressed fears that Odumeje may experience spiritual attacks while others feel that this was a staged show.

Watch video below;

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