“My son used my family house to see seed to Christ Embassy and the church has refused to return it” – Man cries out (Video)

One thing that is very true about Nigerians is that they love their faith and they are very zealous when it comes to religion. A lot of them can go any length to prove that they have faith but sometimes, we find one or two cases where people are too zealous and they end up doing questionable things for their religion. That is the case of a young man in Warri delta state right now as his father has just said in a video posted by Abia Facts Newspaper on their Facebook page. In the video, the father narrates the whole story of what happened as he reads a pre-written statement from a piece of paper with someone else watching.

According the to the old man, his son returned from London a while ago and started attending Christ Embassy Church in Warri and he was happy about it. Then he noticed that his car was no longer present but when he asked him he said he has given it out as a seed to the church. He didn’t say anything about it only to notice a few months later that be also gave out their current family house where they live.

According to him, he lives in the house with 4 tenants so he visited the senior Pastor who promised to return the documents of said house. But it has been one month and the Church has refused to comply by releasing the papers that the young man who he called Shadrach gave to them.

He threatened legal action and said that he has contacted his lawyer to pursue legal preceding unless the Church complies.

Watch video below;

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