Igbos blast Pastor Odumeje as he was seen mocking traditionalists and playing with their tools (Video)

Igbos are blasting popular Pastor, Odumeje after he was seen mocking Igbo traditionalists and playing with their traditional equipments.

In Igbo Land, before the coming of Christianity, most people were traditionalists. But when Christianity was introduced many people converted to Christianity religion. Although most Igbo people have been converted to Christianity, many of the Igbos still embrace the old traditional religion.

One of the parts of this religion is called “Igba Afa”. igba AFA is a way in which people can find out the cause of such things as misfortunes. In this way, the host which is normally a native doctor makes some spiritual consolations to find the causes of a particular problem that befell someone.

Recently pastor Odumeje was spotted in a video mocking the Traditionalist. He was spotted sitting in a position of a Native doctor and also playing and making fun of the tools of a native doctor. These tools are what the native doctors use in “Igba Afa”. Pastor odumeje further criticized and mocked the Native doctor describing their acts to be stupidity.

this however caused mixed reactions from Nigerians especially Igbos. Many people accused him of disrespecting the Igbo tradition.

Click HERE to watch video

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