If you’re privileged to sleep with a white girl, you will understand that their is nothing special about Nigerian girls – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has come under fire after he took to his social media space to talk about sex with white girls and Nigerian girls.

The man named Mr. Alan, said if a Nigerian man is privileged to sleep with White girls, they would know their is nothing special about Nigerian ladies.

Saying it’s a privilege because not all Nigerian men will get the chance to go under the pants of a white lady all their lives.

He emphasized that white ladies would let you explore their bodies, in different positions and styles while Nigerians ladies with their big tummies have nothing to bring to the table.

If you’ve been privileged to sleep with a white girl you’ll understand that there’s nothing special about a Nigerian girl’s pussy.

It’s a privilege cos it’s not for everybody. Everybody does not have the same destiny to travel abroad and have sex with a white lady.

White girls would let you have anal, would let you gist her, would let you put her in bondage, very flexible set of girls, they’ll spell coconut on your dick , throw summersalt and still won’t get tired, but Nigerian girls with their big stomach can’t offer much

Nigerians has since began raining insult on him, saying he’s insensitive.



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