I sent her N4million to move on after she assisted me to travel abroad, now she’s threatening me – Man cries out

A Nigerian man, who’s Facebook name is Clerk Kent, has taken to a popular Facebook group to narrate the story of what the lady (name withheld), he previously dated for some couple of years before he traveled out of Nigeria, is threatening to do to him after he sent her a whopping sum of four million naira for her to move on with her life.

According to the post which was posted on “Igbo Bu Igbo” Facebook group, Mr. Clerk Kent, while seeking for help and advise, stated that he dated the said girl for about a year and some months when he was still in Nigeria, before he traveled abroad.

While him and the girl were dating in Nigeria, he never promised her marriage. However, he said that he told the girl that he was going to make her proud. He also said that the said lady assisted him with some huge amount of money which he added to his travel budget.

Now, he has made some money for himself and he’s doing well in the country he traveled to; and for some reasons he decided to send the girl a whopping sum of four million naira for her to move on with her life. He also said that the girl can get married to any responsible man that comes her way too if she likes.

But it seems like the lady in question wanted more in the relationship than just money. According to Mr Clerk Kent, the lady has been crying ever since she got the money and message, and that she is threatening to go naked and place a curse on him. Now he is asking for help and advise on what to do.

See the screenshot of the post below;

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