Husband looses wife after he sent her back to her parents house to learn good manners and how to cook

Marriage they say is not a bed of roses as a man, Mr. Olisabuike Daniel from Anambra State who took his wife to her mother to learn manners and how to cook lost her to another man.

Am eye witness told Emerald News that barely one year Mr. Daniel did the traditional marriage ceremony of his wife, her started experiencing untold lapses as his wife could not keep their house clean.

According to our source, not only that, his wife Calister who could not cook food for her husband also lacked good manners.

NaijaPledge gathered that as a result of that, Mr. Daniel bundled his wife from Abuja where they lived to the girl’s father’s house in Anambra State to be under the tutelage of her mother and return to her husband.

According to our source, when the husband went back to take his wife to Abuja, she refused to follow him.

Her husband who got shocked over her attitude asked why, she said that her husband slighted her by bundling her back home to learn some manners.

An eye witness said that the girl rejected her husband whom she said could not bear his weakness.

Several efforts made by the parents of the couple proved futile as the said girl revealed to her parents her intention of returning her bride pride to her husband.

The said girl was planning seriously to marry her former boy friend and her parents have recently started dancing to her tune.

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